1)The purpose of these Rules and Regulations is to define the conditions that must be met in order for performances to be submitted to the 59th International Children’s Festival and the conditions under which performances will be selected and placed in the Festival programme as well as other relevant issues related to the festival.

2)The 59th International Children’s Festival Šibenik – Croatia will take place from 15th June to 29th June 2019.

3)The provisional programme of the 59th ICF comprises:

-1 programme of traditional culture from Croatia

-up to 2 dance and ballet programmes from Croatia

-up to 8 drama programmes from Croatia

-up to 6 puppet programmes from Croatia

-up to 8 foreign stage and music programmes

-special programme in the squares and streets

-film programme – 12 titles and 4 film workshops

-art programme – up to 3 exhibitions from Croatia and abroad

-literary programme – up to 4 presentations

-workshop programme – up to 15 workshops

4)All programmes from abroad should be submitted no later than 8th February 2019.

The submission form can be found on the ICF official website    

Submissions should be sent to:

Croatian National Theatre in Šibenik

for the 59th International Children’s Festival Šibenik – Croatia

Kralja Zvonimira 1

22 000 Šibenik

Republic of Croatia

or by e-mailing and

5)The submission must contain:

a/ name and address of the theatre, ensemble, arts organisation, individual artist or other applicant as well as applicant background summary (about half a page),

b/ name and surname of the contact person

c) contact person information – telephone, fax, e-mail, mobile phone

d/ title and category (drama, puppets, music etc.) of the submitted programme

e/ information on duration of the programme

f/ information on the recommended ages

g/ information about the ensemble taking part in the performance

h/ programme leaflet, photographs and poster

i/ technical requirements of the performance

j/ video recording of the performance

6)Members of the Arts Council are required to view all submitted programmes and then make the final selection by 1st March 2019. In order for the ICF programme concept to be realised, the programme proposals must be mutually agreed upon by members of the Arts Council, which means that the number of performances from one category may vary in favour of the category to which a greater number of quality programmes has been submitted than it was defined in the provisional programme, in point 3 of the Rules and Regulations.  

7) All applicants will be informed about the final festival programmeby 15th March 2019.

8) As members of the Arts Council are making a programme proposal, they must take account of its quality while keeping in mind the aims and objectives of the Festival, technical and spatial possibilities and conditions of the Festival and the host city as well as suitability of the submitted performances for spatial and technical conditions of venues at which the festival programme takes place.

Editors are required to submit a written report on the proposed programme, which must contain an assessment of all performances and works submitted to the Festival.  

9)Foreign programmes will be selected in accordance with obligations of the Republic of Croatia which result from international agreements concerning cultural cooperation; in addition, they will be proposed by our diplomatic representatives, international and local arts organisations and associations, festival editors and other competent persons.

Reviews, critiques, video recordings and other relevant documentation will be provided for foreign programmes submitted to the Festival.

10) An editor cannot recommend for the official programme a performance or work in which he or she is involved in any way, especially as an author, collaborator or performer.

11) The ICF Šibenik – Croatia Festival Committee will consider the proposed programme and adopt the final programme of the 59th International Children’s Festival, no later than 5th April 2019.

12)The opening ceremony of the 59th ICF Šibenik – Croatia will be held on 15th June 2019 in Republic of Croatia Square (Trg Republike Hrvatske) and it will start at 9 p.m.

The opening ceremony will consist of the formal part  and a performance that will be recommended by the Festival Board and the opening ceremony moderator, no later than 29st March 2019.  

All arrangements regarding television coverage of the ICF are discussed by the Manager of the Croatian National Theatre in Šibenik, the Festival director and the team of authors, directly with editors and the Director of the Croatian Radio-Television (HRT) or with persons authorised to participate in negotiations.

13) The Festival bears the costs of accommodation on the full board basis for Croatian theatres, orchestras, choirs, ensembles and other participants – performers at the 59th ICF Šibenik – Croatia for a period of three days, typically for a maximum of 30 members – participants per programme.

The Festival bears the costs of accomodation for foreign participants of the 59th ICF Šibenik – Croatia, typically in a period of four days for all foreign participants. Festival participants bear the costs of transport to Šibenik and from Šibenik to their seat.

14) As part of the official portion of the programme, the additional programme «In the Squares and Streets» will be organised, depending on the timetable and material possibilities of the Festival while taking account of the quality and relevance of an individual programme which will be illustrated by members of the Arts Council in collaboration with the Manager as well as of its capability to adapt to city venues in the open air.

This programme is realised in order to achieve an overall atmosphere in the town.

Šibenik, 7th January 2019

Town Mayor

Željko Burić, Dr med